Bipolar Disorder – The Ultimate Guide

November 17, 2008

bipolar disorder the ultimate guide

Bipolar Disorder – The Ultimate Guide, written by Sarah Owen and Amanda Saunders, is available to buy at Mental Health Books.

If you or someone close to you has been diagnosed with bipolar disorder, (also known as manic depression), then this book is an invaluable resource. Sarah Owen and Amanda Saunders are not doctors; they are health journalists and cousins in a family affected by bipolar disorder. Here they present a resource book full of compassion, sensitivity, and up-to-the-minute factual information.

The book has a very accessible question and answer format, and is a comprehensive guide addressing every question that a patient or loved one might have of the disorder. It addresses symptom recognition, offers helpful techniques on how to keep this mood disorder under control, and advice about how to deal with stigma in a social and a working environment. It also offers up-to-date research findings, drawing on opinions from a broad range of experts, individual case studies, and the authors’ own personal experience from within their close family. The book is a wealth of information and insight that is intended to empower the individual and those closest to them, and offers a comprehensive list of support organizations related to the disorder.

“I wish that this superb book had been around when I was growing up with a father with bipolar. It is packed with practical advice for those with the condition and their families on every aspect of the illness – and some astonishing first-hand accounts. It will provide a huge amount of comfort – and help.” – Martin Townsend, editor of the Sunday Express.

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